We Media Era: Video Batch Technology enabling Community Marketing

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Within the context of a We Media digital economy, fission propagation, online community marketing and value output, a strong marketing content support is needed. Endless hours are spent by creative to people to continuously create quality output works to barely maintain the communication needs of the online community: the fast pace and high quality required in this pursuit of media polarization add extra pressure on the online community operators. We can’t help but wonder: could technology be a fulcrum between efficiency and quality and can it offer a solution to product dissemination?

In a COVID-19 context, short video advertising provides the best solution for product transmission. A technical team from Europe and China found the best balance between efficiency and quality for online community operators through short video ads: short video batch processing technology. This entrepreneurial team, named Visionogy, has many years of experience in artificial intelligence and video processing. The short video batch processing technology and video batch generation technology is a leading cutting edge technology in the industry.

In China, Wechat business is a nation-wide entrepreneurship trend that is based on mobile Internet. It is a new business with social software tools, people-centricity and social ties. Take this as an example, the first thing Wechat business entrepreneurs do every day is to release product updates through their Moments, striving for maximum exposure in the flood of we-media. In addition, they also need to publish video ads in Moments, maintain social ads, release product videos, and so on.. an usual daily work! At least 10 times per day advertising output needs to be posted! The sheer volume of creative output is forcing social media managers and creatives to produce a wide variety of videos with limited material.

Diversified video ideas, rich video forms, different size formats, and automated optimized copywriting are few of the most needed short video advertising solutions for the operation Chinese community groups. With the video batch processing technology oferred by Visionogy, the online community operators can now produce dozens of creative short videos in just a few minutes, with each short video content being different. With artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the whole process requires no expertise and no human intervention. This technology can help the community operators reduce the pressure of video production and improve the efficiency of product dissemination.

With the wave of short video sweeping today, with the help of digital technology, video batch processing technology may be unique in we media communication.

Yingjun for Visionogy

Professional Video Auto-batching and Minimalist Platform https://visionogy.com

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