Minimalize video ads: No longer a Nicety but a Necessity

A movie lasts 120 minutes, and it requires only a 3 minutes movie trailer to get people’s attention. Condensed content is more attractive! We want the information to be delivered quickly, at the speed of light! “

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Imagine this thinking extends to video marketing industry! What is the key information we want to deliver in the first 5 seconds? How can we empower SMEs to build strong, impactful brand presence in an efficient easy manner?

With the traditional means, a two minutes corporate video ad requires large budgets, skilled editors and media professionals, and in addition to all of these, has a long production time. Besides, due to human intervention, short video content can be less comprehensive and objective and therefore, might fail to cover all advantages of the product. It can lead to confused video logic and unclear language and semantic expression. All of the above imply that the simplification of long video requires professional, scientific, and technical processing!

Visionogy provides customers with a comprehensive short video solution. A team of experts with 15 years of experience in image, video and AI created a SaaS platform that uses AI technology to carry out logical analysis and content analysis of enterprise-level long videos and combine natural language processing and machine learning technology to help customers obtain concise short videos with full information coverage. At the same time, customers can choose from multiple templates to generate short videos which can then be applied to various video promotion channels. It can also create automated video ads campaigns!

In the field of online marketing, Visionogy is committed to empower middle and small-sized enterprises. Moreover, corporates with restricted marketing resources could also benefit from it and reduce costs through the platform.

In the age of digital marketing, less is more! That is the testimony of Visionogy.

Professional Video Auto-batching and Minimalist Platform

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