How to boost your ecommerce content with the help of automated video batching

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Empower content creators to instantly present their work through short video ads.

Professional video ads come with high costs and long production time, requiring professional marketing or design skills. The complexity of video variability, often required for the different social media channels, has rarely been solved by the existing video creative engines. Additionally, there are not many solutions out there for video batching, especially without additional learning time.

Visionogy attempts to solve these problems. With a team of experts with 15 years’ experience in video, image, and AI, this startup comes with the solution to multi-batch videos, enabling customers to choose from tens of templates. Multiple verticals, short videos with variability in minutes and without cost are few of the key features of the platform. Besides, all videos are targeted to your audience.

The minimalist video generation platform relies on AI driven video technologies and video-specific infrastructure: image object recognition, image classification, image aesthetics analysis, NLP, video summarisation, video abbreviation, video indexing engine, semantic analysis engine, brand safety analysis engine, sentiment analysis engine.

A minimalist platform, for short-video generation using patented machine learning video algorithms.

Professional Video Auto-batching and Minimalist Platform

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