Automated Video batching can help SMEs and start-ups with digital marketing content!

There are two sides to high-quality marketing content: the large amount of information about a product and the time consuming and expensive means to create high quality professional digital marketing content.

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Content creators can often be frustrated by the sheer volume of creative output. Although, they have all the information about the product (text description, pictures, videos) this can be hard to translate in high quality content without investment of time, especially when the digital marketing environment is constantly changing. The solution can be a professional advertising agency but then content creators of SMEs and start-ups, have to worry about the high costs.

Can video output diversification be a solution? With the help of image recognition and classification, image aesthetic analysis, image colour analysis, natural language processing, speech recognition and text recognition, the users’ need to produce short videos in batches can be met. In just a few minutes, the Visionogy SAAS platform presents limited material as kaleidoscopic works.

Video batching can help users get rid of visual fatigue in the marketing process!

The era of we-media endows marketing with fast-paced properties. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter who is the best, it only matters who is first. Standardize the process to help users save the time otherwise spent on skills learning. ‘Template, Upload, Download’, users only need three steps to complete the professional short video production.

SMEs need a digital marketing platform that does not imply professional knowledge or investment of time. Users can complete the whole process of short video creation with the aid of artificial intelligence technology in only 2 minutes.

Since creatives are the catalyst for SME marketing, Visionogy has prepared a large number of exquisite templates for users, covering a variety of sizes, proportions, and languages. Users only need to upload photos, videos, and marketing phrases about the product. The SAAS platform will create powerful short videos, which can be downloaded and displayed on platforms such as personal social media. This greatly liberates the creative worker’s creation pressure.

Let us tell the story of your product, you worry about the product!

Visionogy empowers SMEs create powerful digital marketing content.

Professional Video Auto-batching and Minimalist Platform

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